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A tragic story in Philippine setting depicting farmer's veto against the buying-off of their farmlands by a fuedal lord. The uprising is led by Bernabe (Joseph Binayao) abducted by two hired mercenaries (Vicente & Tano).

Hank and Jolene

When Hank, a likable recluse, meets a Madagascar hissing cockroach, an unconventional relationship blossoms - A love story 300 million years in the making.


At the moment of the filming in May 2019, the mask was only an interesting prop that we were wondering to include in our clip. Circus, aerial tissu reaction exploration Dinosaurs. Jube. Yellow ambition. N'K-B. Smurfs. 80s. Kilts. Placenta. Samuelle. Funeral services. Tennis court. Tissu reaction. Los flecos, las trenzas para matar. Janet Jackson. Bungee cords. Mother, the creator. Lipstick for men. Beatrix Kiddo. ZFG. Sarah.


“Faces” is a piece about the universality of a personal tragedy. It is about the anxieties that we are all going through in these uncertain times, and how escapism has become our saving grace. And how do we all escape? Through our dreams.


Animated by hand & shot entirely in camera, 'lot' is an experimental film made with water & glass.

Kaala Meeruva Munna...Let's talk

Kaala Meeruva Munna...(Let's talk) is a Kannada short movie. A story of communication gap between father and son. Son Nandisha, always sleeps whole day and stays awake whole night. His father worried about is future but the goal of the Nandisha is different. One day Nandisha quarrels with his father and decided that it is better to die rather than quarrelling with his father. What next??

One Left

Feeling responsible for the death of his friend at the hands of an unseen creature, a man begins to question his own existence. Haunted by his memories, he goes on a soul-shaking journey to find the one thing that could prevent the end of the world.

The Soul of Motion

Can a film make one see and think the creative acts that construct a different artistic piece? The Soul of Motion records and reflects upon the creation process of Téssera Company of Dance from the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) for the show Black Dog, which conception was inspired in emotional pains.


Max has been in a wheelchair since an accident 3 years ago. One evening, when the urge and hope seem to have disappeared, a mysterious motorbike appears in front of his door. Max is intended to live on two wheels, but not necessarily the ones he thinks ...

TARA-The Journey of Love & Passion

Merely a few hundred kilometers away from the hustle and bustle of the fanatically fast paced Mumbai city lies the deceptively sleepy village of Tanda. A village girl Tara seems to be content with her confined life, very much in love with her liquor maker husband. But, when the beautiful protagonist’s seemingly mundane existence parts ways to reveal the unspoken realities of exploitation and darkness enveloping the village, she leads the villagers in their quest for survival, only to realise that she is up against something she may not be prepared to fight against prejudice. The young woman who bravely stood up for the whole community finds herself cruelly alienated in her most vulnerable moment. Ultimately, after a series of gut wrenching experiences, she has to make a choice... Based on disturbingly common realities of Indian villages, this powerful story of self-discovery transcends the original theme of tribal strife to raise a universal question—can you always choose freedom & self-respect over social acceptance? The journey of the extraordinary woman Tara in very difficult situations reveals the story of love and passion and how she deals with same. Director Biography - Kumar Raj

On / Off

Endless distractions threaten to destroy creativity.


KAWADSA is a story of a school boy named Tejas, who gradually gets away from his parents and school life. Parents tries hard to understand his problem and they are clueless. What is the real problem of Tejas? All these things revealed in this short film.


Three friends, that had known each other since they were little kids, have decided to spend a night out together. Leo, a person that relies heavily on their friendship, is realising how much he has been lacking behind in his life when he sees his how much his friends grew as people, outside their little circle. This makes Leo reconsider his approach to life and also makes him think about how much relying on the friendship has hold him back.

The White Book

Two politicians meet when a bizarre incident happens just a few hours after the Oath taking ceremony (which is a custom for the elected candidate, where he or she take an oath to serve the country with honesty). While working together to find the cause of the unusual happening and trying to find a solution out of it, their point of view on politics & society clashes. What we see is how honesty and values in politics are on verge of extinction. However, all is not lost, there is still hope for honesty and integrity.


How can we help someone with an unexpected illness and hospitalized treatment and the total bill and non-financial provision of the patient. Director Biography - Sandip Bhaskar Jadhav

Breathing hole

My wife is attacked by a mysterious man in front of me. He guesses that someone's revenge because it's his unfaithfulness. I start to visit the women I've met one by one. But when I met the last woman on the list, I couldn't resist the lust, and I made love again...


On a turbulent night, a destitute man obtains a deserted wallet full of money, only to find the owner observing him closely. To his surprise, the brooding owner implores him to keep the purse as apparently, he won’t be needing it anymore. Upon further inquiry, it is revealed that the latter intends to commit suicide before the night ends. All alone in the still of the night, It is up to the poor, yet compassionate man to convince the grief-stricken stranger to change his mind before it is too late.


A woman is haunted by her grief and becoming blind after living through a tragic auto wreck that claimed the life of her husband and unborn child. Her initial reaction is to suicide, but it takes her into a different dimension where she could find her unborn child

Flowers of the Water

A story about Ratka, a woman that her love of life and art turns into making flower arrangements, thus solving the existential issue. One summer night, Skopje valley is hit by a catastrophic storm and Ratka's home suffered great damage. This film witnesses the first days after the storm and the period after, noticing the natural circular cycles and the new beginning.

House Broker

House Broker is a short film is showcasing life of a real-estate agent and his bond with his son.Being an honest person Srinivasan the protagonist finds it difficult to sustain as a real-estate agent,as the industry is filled with cheating,fraudulent activities and greed.But he continues doing it to run the family.This short film emotionally captures whether Srinivasan succeeded in the industry,and how it affects his family. Director - Prasanth Srinivasan


A young man muses on the nature of love, recounting three relationships from his past. The girls in his life resemble three different seasons, namely Chaitra (Spring), Varsha (Monsoon) & Seeta (Winter).


They live together independently, they fight, they reconcile, they desire, they dream of having a baby, but most importantly they love, above all. Like couples do, properly. The difference is only that society labels them as “mentally disabled”. Cili and Marci have Down’s syndrome. Marci plays in the Baltazár theater, whose group is made up of mentally disabled actors. Cili learned carpet weaving and leather works. They have been living here independently for years, in the integrated apartment building in Rákospalota. They moved in happily, like everyone does, to their first independent little nest. Cili has more difficulty pronouncing words, but she is full of emotion. “This is my job. The poems. I’m a poet, I’m also a musician and an actress” — she says. Marci’s words follow each other rapidly. They paint, they play music, they go to the theater, they go shopping and hiking, like everyone else. Maybe they even do more than us.


"Complaint" tells the story of Robot Stonehenge, constructing a future archeological excavation through sound art, body movement and experimental images. On the basis of non-linear narrative, a timeline in the sense of stratigraphy is formed, which enables the accumulation of poetic language and variant images. Discuss future issues of "machine politics" and "machine ethics" from the gathering of machine organisms and human thoughts.

Mother Of Tibetans

A woman decides to have a meaningful life after entering pension age. For 30 years Irmtraut Wäger headed German Aid To Tibetans and helped the Dalai Lama and the Tibetans in exile. She collected about 30 million Euros in donations and took care of over 5.000 Tibetan godchildren. Furthermore she facilitated the construction of schools, hospitals, kindergardens and old people's homes all over India. Overall it is estimated that she created a better life for more than 20.000 Tibetans in exile. Today Irmtraut Wäger is seen as a shining example of successful refugee relief.


The story is shown in this movie based on demonetisation happened in 2016 in india. In that incidence a beggar suffers a lot while he is trying to progress himself. Script was written by imagining with events.

A moment of whiteness just before

This video evokes a changing universe. A palette of white, red and black. In this landscape, the colors generate transformations that follow one after the other. Evocation of a sliding world. An existence that ends up being absorbed, transformed. Is there a threat on the horizon? What if we added other colors, other hopes, other resurgences? In order not to lose our desire to perpetuate this incandescent sensation, like a rising day, like a new awakening… Director Biography - Johanne Chagnon

Lost in Paradise

Filmmaker Oren Rosenfeld sets off to Goa, India with his camera to document the journey of an Ultra Orthodox Rabbi from California on a mission to find a house that will serve as a Jewish center. However the journey takes a sudden new direction when tragedy strikes.

Life Cycle

This is an experimental short film that is made entirely from stock footage. Footage was sourced from a single online platform (videoblocks.com). Backstory: While suffering from insomnia, I began listening to a song that captured my emotions. The harmonious alternations of the guitar strings penetrated my heart and inspired my soul. I Thought to myself, "it would be a fantastic idea to produce a short film to this beautiful composition..." Since I was so inspired, I decided to experiment and see if I can make a short film entirely from stock footage (this was my only means to making a film in the moment of my inspiration). As I started the project, I quickly realized how immensely challenging this task is, as the people in stock footage almost never match up nor can I find the perfect scene that I desire. However, my inspirations and insomnia persisted and I did not waver, the vision of the story kept me going. After five challenging hours, as the sun began to rise outside of my window, I finished my short film - Life Cycle. I didn't think much of it at the moment and decided to just upload it to my inactive-personal youtube account with only a handful of subscribers. Somehow it got in front of thousands of people and view after view I kept getting overwhelmingly positive feedback. Hence, I decided to see if this work is worthy of competing against real film makers. I believe that considering the challenge of using extremely limited library of stock footage, the story was created and people's emotions were successfully moved. If this short film receives some kind of recognition from the professional film experts, I will be inspired to film and produce real work that is not grossly limited

Oh Jeff !

An "Idealist" and a "Revolutionary" gather for a summer BBQ & discuss the state of the world in 2020. "The Richest Man In The World" stops by to address some accusations. Written by Chris Rourke, Danel Parquor, & Kyle Strang Directed by Chris Rourke Starring Nick Hutchinson, Kyle Strang, & Diandra Chiaffino-Butts Produced by Chris Rourke, Clint Saint Clint, Asia Minoré, William Hemphill, & Kyle Strang Original Music Score by Kyle Strang, Patrick Trip & "Twice The Size Of Harold" Sound Design by Patrick Trip Hogs are done!


Parvez Khan Alias “Iron Khan" aka ‘Raja’ was an Area Commander of JKLF (Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front) in the early Nineties fighting an armed rebellion against India for Freedom. His younger brother Tariq Khan was killed by a rival Pro-Pakistani group and that is when he decided to live a non-violent life for the future of his family. He started a backpacker’s lodge in the ski village of Gulmarg. A popular tourist destination between travelers. Dedicating his life to peace and channeling his energy in cooking for people. Growing up amongst international riders his elder son ‘Dada’ caught on to snowboarding at an early age. Dada started guiding foreign riders on the mountain living in the hut. Ashraf the younger son on the other hand fully administered and supervised operations at the lodge. The trio of the father and sons together become a sustainable team finally gaining traction in the tourist industry. However not for long as the GDA (Gulmarg Development Authority) deems them Illegal and seals the hut. A start of some of the most frustrating times for Parvaiz Khan and Family. Director Biography - Naseer Khanday

The Boy and The Mountai

Hernán is a child who likes to daydreaming, but in his studies he is not doing well at all. His father constantly urges him to improve, advising him that he must reach very high to succeed in life. Hernán dispenses with his dream, gradually forgetting it to devote himself to his studies. Over time, and already become a successful entrepreneur, Hernán achieves the dream that his father instilled in him, reach high, until one day he will realize that he has not really achieved something he always longed for. Then he will make the crucial decision to fulfill his dream, but fate will play tricks on him. Hernán will have to face a new challenge that will change the meaning of his life. Director Biography - Santiago Aguilera, Gabriel Monreal


Movie revolves around the discussion on eternal relationships, philosophies and life ideologies between Cemetery maintenance family (individual) and a thief who lost his way.

Golden Kash

The life of two people intertwine through one phone call. One's life turns around for worse and one's for the better. Will greed take him to what he is after? Find out in this dark satirical comedy about a guy who works in a call center and receives an accidental phone call about a kidnapping and a hefty ransom.

When The Snow Will Melt

Our memories carry out a life cycle parallel to the passing of the seasons: from spring we arrive in autumn, characterized by the strong desire to chase after fragments of life that winter will inevitably take away. This work stands as a hope that not everything will vanish forever into oblivion and that those who leave us make sure that something of them inevitably remains with us. I nostri ricordi compiono un ciclo vitale parallelamente allo scorrere delle stagioni: dalla primavera si arriva così all’autunno, caratterizzato dal forte desiderio di rincorrere frammenti di vita che l’inverno inevitabilmente porterà via. Quest’opera si pone come speranza che non tutto svanisca per sempre nell’oblio e che chi ci lascia faccia sì che qualcosa di lui inevitabilmente resti tra noi. Director Biography - Losing Truth

The Home

The whole story of Mane movie spines around an ordinary man named Siddapa. Siddapa wishes for his son's wedding has also an urge to own a home who plans to get Grants from govt to build his home. However, the plot explores the problems faced by Sidappa at the govt office and led towards debt. Does siddapa build his dream home? Does he clear the debt? Is it that the govt responsible for his debts and Could he save his home? are the triggered interrogations of this story..

Smoking Kills

One morning after Karl, Julia's husband, leaves for work, she lets herself be tempted by a last cigarette ... But smoking Kills.

The Voice of the sea

A community radio station named Kadal Osai based in Pamban Island, Tamil Nadu, India runs with this intention to educate the fishermen community by spreading the awareness of climate change and it's effect on ocean and marine life.

Don Filipo

A remote village is gripped with fear. Its residents are going missing one by one. Now a young nurse is in town to care for an ailing Don Filipo. Will he be the next victim?


A man is forced to confront every version of himself as every person has to at some point in life. He has to decide who he wants to be-- who he wants to win. Will he be defeated by his inner demons? Watch to find out


Actor Marc Berger is telling about his Life as unhappy person. What went wrong ?


Astrology and finding a groom for your young, unmarried daughter are not only primary concerns in numerous Indian households, but also often go hand-in-hand. This is the story of Artav and Aishi and the several obstacles that come to be strewn on their path to love. The love story comes into its own parallel to the astrological measures that Aishi's mom is making her daughter take for her marriage in the form of a ring. The film is marked by all the ups and downs of a romance that include opposing parents, unexpected crisis and the eventual return to stability. It also provides a subtle, but unequivocal comment on astrological decisions in the face of a person's kindness and good intentions. Aishi is a headstrong girl who is marked by her kindness towards everyone around her. She wakes up early, exercises, practices music, works hard at her job and shares a loving bond with her family, despite their differences of opinion. Artav is an office senior who finds himself taken by her dynamic personality, and soon a sweet romance develops between the two. The film is marked by all the ups and downs of a romance that include opposing parents, unexpected crisis and the eventual return to stability.

Matty Boy

A man with a suggestible mind marries a second wife mistakenly out of a desperate situation and now faces the consequences, taking him on a twisting and turning rollercoaster of a ride beyond anything he could have ever imagined.

Salvation at Sunrise

Two emotionally burdened man meets and discovers a surprising connection between them. So, they embark on a journey over a night to ease their sufferings.

Look Up

Cynicism and hopefulness meet when a distraught Ellie reflects on the events of the night previous to her more optimistic roommate, Jo.

The Saviour : Brig. Pritam Singh

The main focus of the documentary is based on the adventures life of this gallant soldier Brig. Pritam Singh (Saviour of Poonch, Sher Baccha, nick named by residents of Poonch). who was born on 5th October 1911 in village Dina in district Ferozepur, Punjab. He was commissioned in the Punjab Regiment in 1937 and served during the 2nd World War in North Western Frontier Provence and Italy. He was posted in Singapore during 1942 and badly wounded in an air raid during the fighting and taken as prisoner of War by the Japanese. Brig. Pritam Singh then Capt. along with Capt. G.S. Parab and Capt. Balbir Singh escaped from Singapore on 4th May 1942 during which time they travelled by land and sea covering a distance of 3000 miles via Siam (Thailand, Burma, Myanmar) through dense forest and under very difficult conditions they barely survived to reach Burma after six grueling months. All the three officers were awarded the Military Cross by Field Marshal and Commander-in-Chief in India Mr. A. P. Wavell on 31st March 1943. From 1942 to 1945 he served in the Middle East with distinction and graduated from Staff College in 1945. On 31st of October 1947 when his unit was in Delhi to maintain law and order after the partition and riots he took over command of 1st Kumaon now 3 Para and reached Singapore the very next day on 1st November to safe guard Srinagar which was under attack by the raiders from Pakistan and Afghanistan who were almost about to take over Srinagar Airport if military assistance have not arrived. He took part in the battle of Shellatang 7 kms. outside Kashmir where the raiders were defeated and pushed back making Srinagar secure from the enemy. On 21st November 1947 Lt. Col. Pritam Singh with 491 soldiers entered Poonch which was surrounded by Pakistan from all sides and where almost 40,000 civilian refugees had taken shelter along with 10,000 residents. The Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru against the wishes of the Army top brass took a decision to save Poonch at all cost and realizing the responsibility and urgency of the situation Col. Pritam Singh got into action immediately and from the able bodied refugees and citizens raised two new battalions named 9 & 11 Militia which are today called J & K Light Infantry Posted in Srinagar. Due to his efforts he built an airstrip at Poonch which made it possible for air commodore Baba Mehar Singh to land the 1st Dakota’s which made it possible to bring in reinforcements, medical aid, food grains and also evacuate the refugees mainly elderly, women and children to Jammu and Srinagar since there were very limited rations and the onset of winters for which the inhabitants were not prepared. The gallant officer was court martialed on very flimsy grounds and his case needs to re-visited so that he is exonerated of these charges. During the videography/shooting in Poonch we interviewed many ex-soldiers and residents who were of the same view as us. Pakistani Commander Brigadier Sher Khan, who told Maj Gen. K.S. Thimayya DSO after J & K operations – “If I admired anyone at all on the Indian side, it was Pritam Singh who had fought very gallantly against an overwhelming force around Punch.” It is the story which needs to tell everyone, because it is story of the saviour, who saved motherland, who saved religion, who saved faith, who saved the Nature, who saved humanity, who saved more than 40,000 people of Poonch. It is story of inspiration, struggle and great survival. But he faced the court-martial and died as a forgotten soldier. Why? The people of Poonch gives the whole place of heart to Brig. Pritam Singh, they give the names of their child on his name, but the rest of the world don’t know about the great hero. The documentary will be told all the narrative. Director Biography - Dr. Paramjeet Singh Kattu

Every'nparty...Nalivadi?!? (ENG)

A call, a hat, and a strange man. The party was cool...but the hardware


Death Offers Life

The story is the fictional account of the last five minutes of the acclaimed painter Vincent Van Gogh who was a failure in his lifetime. Death who has come to take him makes an offer which Van Gogh rejects and accepts the hands of death gracefully.

Age is Just a Bingo Number

The documentary aims to promote social aspects of the environment for older migrants, by introducing the audience to a community of ageing Italians in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Hence, the characters of the documentary gather in a recreational centre to play Bingo. This place, and the sense of community it conveys, visualize a “sense of home” in later life and raises awareness about issues of ageing in the context of migration.


In the process of bringing her family members together for a family photograph, a 45-year-old homemaker, Vasavi Sarathi, realises how important it is to be an individual first. Inspired from the many lives of mothers who had sacrificed their jobs for their kids, ‘Ilavelpu’ follows Vasavi’s struggles with her dysfunctional family, how her children and her pet dog help her get back to her career after a hiatus of lifetime.

Lucid dreams

Lucid dreaming is an altered state of consciousness in which a person is aware that he is dreaming, and can control its content to some extent. This is a kind of borderline state between REM sleep and wakefulness.

David Mirisch

David Mirisch, The Man Behind the Golden Stars,” is a feature documentary about the life of revered press agent David Mirisch (known as “The Man with the Gold Rolodex”), whose family founded the legendary Mirisch Film Company and produced classically acclaimed movies such as “Some Like It Hot,” “West Side Story,” “Moby Dick,” and “Fiddler on The Roof.” With over a 50-year career in entertainment, David carved out a name for himself as a key publicist for some of Hollywood’s most elite stars. He personally discovered Farrah Fawcett when she was still just a student at the University of Texas, threw infamous and lavish parties for basketball great Wilt Chamberlain, created campaigns for some of the most beautiful and talented young actresses that went on to ignite the silver screen, such as Linda Carter, Raquel Welch, and Barbara Hershey. He was instrumental in public relation campaigns for such musical legends as Johnny Mathis, Pat Boone, The 5th Dimension, and Perry Como. The documentary exposes the “Golden Age Era” of Hollywood and what it really took to create a star then and now, and the instrumental role a publicist plays in advancing careers, especially artists just starting out in the industry. What makes David Mirisch’s story even more remarkable is his humanitarian contributions, responsible for raising over $35 million for charitable organizations and nonprofits, organizing more than 2,500 celebrity events and fundraisers. This documentary exemplars how celebrities can harness their star power to generate awareness to unknown and worthy causes, and help touch lives in an all encompassing and perpetuating domino effect. The documentary touches on the theory that one action is not just “a single drop in the ocean,” their cumulative effect can make a positive change in the world as a whole.

The Cost Of Denial

From 1981 to 2021, the world has confronted a terrible scourge that has impacted countless individuals with fear, pain and death. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent on our war against AIDS. The medical industry has focused on antiretroviral drugs to combat the HIV virus. All efforts to develop a vaccine have failed. This is the story of the earliest successful treatment for AIDS. If the mainstream scientific community had paid attention, tens of thousands of lives may have been saved. Ignored and forgotten during the AIDS crisis this is the heroic struggle by a small group of physicians, nurses and healthcare professionals who succeeded in treating 1,200 patients with advanced AIDS. Eighteen of these patients reversed all of their AIDS-related conditions, regained full health and converted to HIV negative. In other words, the HIV virus was no longer present in their bodies. These are the voices revealing the pain, profit and politics of AIDS.


In a town called MACO in northern Argentina, a mother goes through a painful grieve, an endless nightmare. Her daughters, Ana and Dalia, try to help her. Ana follows the advice of a neighbor which Dalia calls "the witch". Both will dig deep in their fears to face the forest and his monsters to set their mother free. The story of three women and a love bond that goes through all dimensions.


A lonely man

A lonely man in his 70s finding a new meaning to his life after meeting a young bubbly home nurse, who comes to take care of him. The film is a journey through these two characters.


Unexpected, but wise intervention of a 13 year old school girl named KRITHI ,to the dark life of some orphaned like children who were trapped by some dreadful drug mafias and becoming successful to lead them to the light of educative life, with the help of the best from Information Technology. (KRITHI means creation, specially in writing...It is a story of re-writing of lives..)

Come Cadono Le Foglie

Anna, terminally ill, asks her partner for help to put into practice a painful and long-pondered choice of hers. The man, despite having many doubts, agrees to help her; meanwhile the moment of truth is approaching and ..

Bhagath Singh

Bhagath Singh was a revolutionary and martyr born on 27 Sep 1907 at the village of Banga yallapur district the second son of Kishan singh and vidyavathi, Bhagath singh was imbued from childhood with the family’s spirit of Patriotism. During college time itself Bhagath Singh joined the Hindustan Republican Association, a radical group later known as the Hindustan socialist republican Association. The death of Lalarajput rai lead Bhagath singh and his team to assassination of Mr Scott. But instead J P Saundrs became victim owing to mistake in indentification after that Bhagath singh escaped to Calcutta disguised as a wealthy personage, Bhagath singh and B K dutta were arrested by British for throwing a bomb at assembly later sent to Lahore jail. Where Bhagath singh and his team went for hunger strike for days where J N Das lost his life and in other side Bhagath singh, sukhder Rajguru were sentenced for hang till death. All three kissed the rope and hanged on 23th March 1931 but the actual date of hanging was 24th March 1931. The body was secretary cremated at husainwala by British police and the remains thrown in to the river Sutlej.

To Be You

After Howard falls in love with a beautiful Ghanaian woman he meets online, he is unexpectedly informed by a mysterious outsider that she may not be who he thinks she is.

Dans Leurs Yeux

Rémy Cassigneul was 19, Marguerite Cassigneul 17 when, on June 6, 1944, the Allied forces landed in Normandy. They expected to see Americans, their ears theirs soon made it clear that they were Canadians. Of young men barely older than them who, after 4 years of occupation, freed them from occupation German in the Juno Beach area. A bunch of sand of ten kilometers stretching from Courseulles in Saint-Aubin-sur-mer. 75 later, Marguerite and Rémy are part of this family increasingly reduced witnesses to the D-Day landings, those whose eyes say "I was there". For them, this famous D-Day is not a simple page from a history book, a chapter from a documentary. This is an essential part of their life that they have agreed to share with us, in this documentary, on the occasion commemorations of the 75th anniversary of Landing. With them we go to the very place where landed the Canadians on June 6, 1944, in the Bény-sur-mer Canadian military cemetery / Reviers where more than 2,000 soldiers rest, at the very place where the Canadians freed them. We also meet young people from the north coast of New Brunswick, Canada, many of whom have relatives who fought in Normandy, collectors of military vehicles…. But, above all, we give the words to those who can still speak in first person, to those for whom this land liberated by the Canadians is forever a land emotions. With an additional dimension: December 4, 2019, Rémy Cassigneul passed away at the age of 95. In his eyes, there was the gaze of these soldiers until the end Canadians who marked his life forever.

Igazhvar Poruththal thalai

Igazhvar Poruththal thalai revolves around a charecter called Arivazhagavan who is a passion chaser in cinema industry and shares his experience to a media channel....A tribute for all passion chasers.

A young guy is living a perfect life. He becomes addicted to drugs and his life takes a wrong turn.

Le Miroir

Jean has not seen his mother, Diane, for the past five years, due to an incident he is not ready to forgive her for. When she commits suicide in Belgium, Jean must go there to retrieve her ashes and deal with the estate. At his mother's house he meets Fabrice, Diane's very young husband. He also meets Juliana, a good friend of his mother, whom Diane has entrusted her holographic will. Jean learns that his mother has left him an antique mirror of great value. While sorting through Diane's belongings, Jean develops a slight obsession with this antique mirror, which is said to be linked to some disturbing and pivotal events in Jean's life as a child. Through the quest for the mirror, he will also discovers a secret hidden by his mother. Jean will have to forgive his mother, but also and above all, free himself from her...

The Hijras we met : The 3rd Gender

On a trip to India, Kang Hyang-Mi, a mental health counselor, met by chance Hijra, a third gender that is neither a male nor a female. That hijra was kicked out of the house for being third sex. Hyang-Mi, who can't forget that person's sad eyes, went back to India with a documentary filming team. Almost no Indians have seen the inside world of a Hijra's life, but we could have rare access to Hijra's communities. Hijras are composed of intersex, eunuchs, and transgender people and were also someone's precious child from birth. Hijras have their own special community and live together within a hierarchy system. It is a new family group but, they also miss their own families. The Hijras are barely earning a living as spiritual beings that give blessings in India and live under the utmost in society. In 2014, the Supreme Court of India recognized Hijra as a third gender and granted them equal legal rights. Through interviews with many hijras, we were able to learn about the special life of the Indian hijra, such as community life, sad memories, religion, death, their love, discrimination and hatred, and social change after the Supreme Court ruling in 2014. It was during the Indian Goddess Festival at the time of filming, so you can get a glimpse of the colorful festival scenes.

A Girl Called It & A Bottle of Pills

A bullied young girl, nicknamed "It", fights with thoughts of self-harm, struggling to find hope in her life.

This Case & My Life

The protagonist is Chris Roberts played by Mark Karten. Chris is married to Mrs.Stacey Roberts played by Monica Phillips. He is a successful lawyer in a New York City law firm with complicated cases, and his relationships are starting to catch up with him. His long-time law partner Mark Harrison played by Alexander Carney, who he made a personal deal with, is closing in on him for resolution. And his long-time executive assistant Kathy Welch played by Ana P. Braunstein is caught in the middle trying to manage his professional and personal life. She is secretly considering quitting her job at the firm. Chris's life is about to change when a detective enters the picture. And the day brings him other shocking news.



Hobo Lens

A Photographer lost in his pursuit of a perfect image.

Nach Schwarz kommt keine Farbe mehr

“Nach Schwarz kommt keine Farbe mehr” tells the story of a young Iranian man, who finds out that he feels attracted to other men. To protect his family, he leaves his home and is from that point on his own. On his journey, he faces both understanding and acceptance as well as violence and repression.


Experience Purulia, the hidden gem of West Bengal in India. Experience Purulia is a way which you have never seen before.


Eva is a rookie traffic cop in the Indian state of Kerala. One day she was assigned to duty on a desolated road in the outskirts of the city as a minister’s convoy was scheduled to pass by. As she waited alone for hours, in the drizzle, with nothing but radio chatter for company Eva felt the need to answer the nature’s call. When she scanned the landscape, she saw, a bit far from the road, a dilapidated building almost covered by bushes. As Eva started to move towards the building, her walkie talkie alerted that the minister’s convoy was approaching. When the minister convoy speeded by, one of the vehicles splashed mud all over Eva’s white uniform. As soon as the convoy passed, Eva ran to the building, found a rundown toilet and relieved herself. Then she removed her mud stained clothes and washed them. And then, unexpected turn of events leads her in to a nightmarish situation. In Kerala, a main concern of the working women is that a section of the male society has turned in to prying sexual predators. Independent women working outdoors in Kerala still do not have sufficient public toilets for their use. This film brings to focus these two social issues. Confined alone, Eva can only hear the sounds from the outside world. And sound effects, is a key element that takes forward the story ahead.

‘Adam’ is a ten-year-old boy who is weak in his classes and is diagnosed with ADHAD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). To motivate Adam his teacher prods him to join the prestigious inter school painting competition with the theme ‘Environment’. Adam sets off, in a dream, a journey to a forest where he meets an Angel.


Padaka is the story about courage of innocence. Suresh Vishwanath, 1959 national bravery award winner from Mysore region, now lives his retired life in a small village separated from his children by an ego clash. His grandchildren Aman Vijay and Sachin, who comes to village for the first time for a vacation, learns about the bravery award story of their grandfather and gets Inspired to tackle unethical activities in village. With the help of a local boy Venkatrama, they involve themselves in many tough situations with villagers and makes everything chaos in the life of grandpa. The film embarks the courage, parental values, and a heartwarming friendship in a roller coaster adventurous journey.

Debt Vs Debt

An exhausted woman on the way back home isn't able to avoid the neighbour. He asks her about an unpaid on time debt. She in turn reminds him, that she's a single mother of three kids, who are sorely in need of this money, but he can get along without it. And in supposedly obvious situation the neighbour can't answer the question, how to deal with this money fairly.

All is Well

‘All is Well’ is a short documentary which engages with a world that belongs to what is commonly called in India and the subcontinent Maut ka Kuan a.k.a 'The Well of Death'. A high adrenaline gig which has riders on bikes and cars, commonly seen in melas or traveling fairs, in this region. They ride in death defying circles inside this massive pit, designed like a well, much like the lives they lead. This film takes a look at this world with Raheem, one among many riders, who looks at death in the eye, perhaps by choice.


Tinna, herself a recovering long time drug user, has her heroin addicted son living with her in her rehabilitative "half-way home". As Tinna gets a job, she decides its time for her son to move out. Director - Asger Krøjer Kallesøe

The Sako Tapes

A film about Sako, an eccentric Indonesian man with Chinese roots. Sako is struggling with his past. He is traumatized because of the murder of his innocent father, who was one of the approximately half to a million alleged communists that were killed in the transition period to the Suharto regime in Indonesia in 1965. Sadly, this brutal period is still taboo in Indonesia and what makes it more painful for Sako is that during this time, he supported the responsible regime. To break the taboo and process his trauma, Sako went out with his camcorder and filmed people close to him and talked with them about their experiences related to this past.


“Firastya” (English meaning: The Peripatetic) is the struggler’s inspirational story inspired by true events in flashback manner depicted in three stages of life i.e. childhood, teen age and adult of the life of a village boy who is born and brought up in under developing family in developing country like India. The village boy Pandurang (Main character) is having big dreams but with limited resources and strong will power, guts, hard work, sacrifice to convert big dreams into reality. Bapu, an illiterate poor farm labourer, living in small village of Solapur District eagerly wants to educate to his son Pandurang. In the era of literacy of 21st century, Bapu wants to avoid insult due to illiteracy for his next generation as experienced by him. Pandurang has accepted this challenge and becomes Peripatetic by starting his journey to achieve his life’s goal at the age of 13 years old from his village to Satara to Pune to Delhi to Mumbai and again to his village. Love at school and college, his will power & efforts to become Class-1 Officer of Government, success and failure is the core area of this film.

La Vie De Aleera

Aleera, a young woman troubled by failed relationships and a previous abusive marriage, discovers a new strength within herself to move on from her troubles and live a fulfilling life.

Gangster 19

A big shot gangster who built his empire for last 20 yrs is faced with an unexpected situation.

There are moments in life when you wish to just dissapear. This film is a metaphorical take on whats goin on in the mind of a person that is through with world.


12 Seconds

A slow burning fantasy revolves round the protagonist Debanjan Mitra and his wife Srijita resonating the blues and silos of their relationship. The alter-ego and the complex psyche of the subconscious portrayed in non-linear visuals with deliberate jerks and cuts.


Art outlives the artist


Varadan is happily married and is in a very romantic relationship. But his son Aadi's marriage is in trouble. Things turn ugly when Aadi hits his wife. Varadan teaches Aadi a powerful lesson.

Under the Water

Through Barack's eyes, Under the Water describes the story of a daily life in Korogocho, Kenya, in one of the poorest slums of the Third World.


A young American woman Rony leaves her boyfriend and goes to Pakistan to document child labor issues. She gets trapped by a chainsaw-wielding maniac and his sidekick cockroach while her newfound boyfriend Ben Hur tries to save her.


Two young professionals having an awful morning suddenly meet at a cafe in London. A day that starts out terrible doesn't have to end that way. The Internationally award-winning film plays like a mini-feature, with action, music, romance, moments of humor, and a touch of Bollywood. Falafel is a story about dreams coming true.


Endless distractions threaten to destroy creativity.


Find out what happens when Simone, an African American female, arrives at her booked Airbnb room which is in a house owned by Samir, a Middle Eastern male, who lives there. Would their different backgrounds make it hard for them to get along? watch and find out.


Santosh simha, a software engineer by profession, resigns his job and is struggling to set up a startup company. His wife works in a different company, in due course she gives birth to a baby girl. The five principles he lives by are that he should not deceive, cause misery or lie to anyone and also that he should not step into Courts and Police Stations. When the baby is in First Standard, Santosh’s wife makes her annoyance visible as he is not giving time to his family. To make amends, on the day of their anniversary, Santosh comes home early to surprise her, instead he is the one to be surprised as he sees her in a compromising position with someone! He is at the most important crossroads of his life and the step he takes now will firstly affect his daughter, and also put him in a position that will either make him step into Courts and Police Stations. He now wonders what is the next step to take as a husband and a father? Should he confront them and kill them both or just kill her then and there or better act oblivious to it? Three possible dimensions are explored and all three culminate in a way where it is felt that all the characters have died. The movie opens again to show him as a successful tycoon and they are in their 25th year anniversary and the celebrations are in an epic scale. What happens after the gala affair. The real course of action he undertook will then be revealed from among the three dimensions shown earlier to the audiences.

Dean Quarry / with Eyes

'Dean Quarry / with Eyes That Are Not Seen Are Quickly Forgotten' is a collaborative film experiment that engages with the materiality of filmmaking and glimpses of an abandoned industrial site on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, UK. The film was shot on Super8 and hand processed, however, an accidental misloading of the film led to much of it becoming stuck together, obscuring the exposed images underneath the film material. The music is written in response to the material quality of the film form, with tones and melody revealing themselves as identifiable images appear and are lost. The key of the piece is drawn from the grid reference of the quarry. The result is a meditation on old industrial and natural objects and a place in transition, on the verge of being transformed into something else but paused in time. Director Biography - Rachael Jones


Betrayed and arrears, Jorge deducts all your anger at the bricklayer working at his home. However, at times, banal decisions have unexpected consequences.


This film is about the wife of a doctor who is saving lives of people with Corona. She is waiting for him to return home.

La Vie de Aleera


a short journey through the night


12 Seconds


Yaadumaagi Ninrai

Under the Water

Pakistani Chainsaw: A Love Story


On / Off



Dean Quarry / with Eyes That Are Not Seen Are Quickly Forgotten



Valenki RU

Deep Fall


Next Chapter


My Nieces Big Fat Delhi Wedding


The Candidate



Letter from Bobeyan

packed lunch

Justin and the Werloobee

RIP Till We Meet Again

Me and Myself

Adam's Apple




Bad Thumb- A Vertical Shortfilm


"Breasts and Thighs"


About Mother


This Case & My Life


On / Off


The Unknown

My Name Is Nostalgia


A Toast To The Wine We Didn't Drink

Three Souls


NISE, A journey in the negation of love



Be Positive


Troubled Sky

The Pastor's Son



Reaching to the stars

Side Mirror


What Will You Remember in Fifty Thousand Years?

It's Not Me



Colors of Truth

The Messenger * Hermes Remembers


On / Off

Alone beneath the Northern Lights

My Son









Silence to silence


Noir Brothers

Keep The Music Going





Three Black Ribbons

The Gift

The Chatterbox - Pilot

Tell The Story

A Friend from Above

The Priceless Art

The Dark Side of The Moon

Death Sentences

Faded Memories


Just Like Water

Serenity Acres



The Atoms of Reality


Just Like Water


Living Wheels



Anxiety Dream

Road King

Just Like Water

Mei (The Truth)

Chennai Diaries



On / Off



Space Mechanic


Tiger Lukas


Come with Me


A Poet's Childhood - Awakening to Consciousness - Elizabeth Martina Bishop

Kannile Irrupathenna? - What lies in the eye?

On / Off


Muthalidam Nokki ( Towards No. 1)

Bloody Romeo

Alaska: The Last Frontier

A letter from Carl Jung

Born in our community | Clubs inside stories in 360º

Naoka (to be illusions!! dying and lies!!)

Mera number kab aayega


Eloise Lou

Young Love In a Dirty Place


The 11th Hour

The prison of Zarqa

The 11th Hour

Kaappaan - True Warriors

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